cashmere from kashmir

Loomed from Kashmiri cashmere. Handmade in India.

Warm mountain sunshine. Cattle and sheep grazing on the hills. Melodic chanting with the daily call to prayer.

These are the sights and sounds of Gulmarg, where Cashmere from Kashmir began in January 2018. Known primarily as a ski and golf destination, Gulmarg sits in the heart of Kashmir, toeing the line between the historic region’s ancient traditions and an increasingly modern India. The surrounding mountains and valleys are home to thousands of cashmere goats, and nearby villages have practiced for centuries in the crafting of their wool.


Our handmade scarves and shawls are the world's best, made from the fine wool of Kashmiri goats and loomed by hand in Kashmiri villages. Any specific product design on this page can be recreated in additional quantities for your boutique or store. You’ll also have a voice in the design process—we can create entirely new pieces to accommodate your vision.

Cashmere is the world's most famous wool, but  you've almost certainly never held cashmere from Kashmir.

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Our Story

In January 2018, Cashmere from Kashmir’s founders met in Gulmarg, Kashmir, while independently traveling on short breaks from academic pursuits abroad. The original idea was to extend our travel by selling cashmere scarves on the road, but as soon as we felt the quality of the Kashmiri craftsmanship we realized there would be a market for these unique products back home.

Before leaving India, we established close working relationships with two workshops that stood out above the rest. The positive reviews we received for our products inspired us to return to Kashmir with the goal to create a strong base for a future company. We stayed for three weeks in the home of one of our producers while we inspected workshops and met their employees, ensuring our supply chain was ethical and robust.

Today, Cashmere from Kashmir has a retail presence across state lines and has put scarves around consumers on three continents. Our products consistently exceed the quality of competitors from other regions of the world, and our direct relationship with producers help keep costs low for you and your customers.

With quality and craftsmanship second to none, only Cashmere from Kashmir has the relationships and expertise to provide you with truly authentic and original cashmere products.

Here’s what makes us unique.


The Original Home of Cashmere

The cashmere goat is indigenous to Kashmir where the region’s people have been looming its wool since the 1500s. Today, less than 1% of the world’s cashmere comes from this area of the Indian Himalayas, while most is sheared from hybrid goats at lower qualities in countries like Mongolia and China.


Machine-Free Production

Our scarves and shawls are handmade at every step from shearing to packaging. The softest cashmere is loomed by hand, and by insisting on handmade goods we help create jobs in an economically repressed region.


Ethically-Engaged Workshops

Cashmere from Kashmir has vetted dozens of suppliers of cashmere goods, selecting only the most professional workshops to help us create high-quality products. Our visits to our workshops help ensure we source everything ethically from authentic, expert artisans.


A Politically Contentious Region

Since the 1980’s, Kashmir has undergone dramatic change due to a border conflict between India and Pakistan. Cashmere from Kashmir remains one of the only American companies with the knowledge and relationships to reliably work in one of the most isolated places in India.

My C from K scarf was perfect for cold summer nights, great all throughout fall, and has been keeping me warm so far in Denver as the seasons turn.
— Nina, Colorado

Our Products

All of our items are hand-loomed with some featuring hand-stitched embroidery. This is a selection of pieces Cashmere from Kashmir has carried in the past, and we would be happy to send samples of these or similar items. Any specific design, whether listed below or not, can be created within 1-2 months. Quantities limited for short-term orders. Wholesale only. Request a sample or more information via our contact form.

Contact and Questions

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